Under Construction

wood, paint, string
The University Art Museum in Toride

The hero images drawn on toys or in comics before and during the 2 world wars became the admiration of people, and made them forget the weakness of the actual bodies. Whenever time changes, human beings have got technical innovations, at the same time, unprecedented accidents have happened. Accordingly, people have created new colossus and virtual images to quiet or vanquish their fears. For example, huge statues of Buddha or Godzilla in movie or Atom (Astro Boy, American title) in animation were created in Japan. Regardless of being in the present or the past, people have been charmed by almightiness of the characters represented in animation or video game worlds, and are indulged in the fancy of virtual images. On the other hand, the real world is full of influential elements, such as gravity, temperature, and oxidation, etc. surrounding everything without exception. And they have disintegrated the state of perfection of everything ,even metals, in the real world. I took out the fictionally represented robot into the real world and emphasized the imperfection of its colossus/virtual image.