After Construction Rebirth

wood, resin, newspaper, string, wire
Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi(a.a.t.m.) 2011

Woodchips Newspapers Resin Man

Dots Take Me Home

Something enormous, something strong, perhaps a hero. This girl's Gundam must never transform into belligerent power. By disassembling and deconstructing its power, making its structure, visible, making its assembly a handicraft, the artist attempts to extend the life of the hero she loves-or so it seems to me. Previously, Sasakawa made a Gundam out of flimsy, wrinkled vinyl, and hung it in midair. Her approach in pushing back against power, of trying to take back her hero, remains consistent.    by Kazue Kobata

We’ve been reminded of the fragility of human being after the earthquake on 3.11. Those known as the experts employed woodchips, newspapers and resin to prevent the radiation-tainted water flowing out from the nuclear plant that let me think about the relationship between human and technologies. This work is snappy sculpture in the form of human shape composed with daily materials such as wooden chopsticks, toothpicks, bamboo skewers, woodchips, and newspapers and so on.