Under Construction

wood, paint, string

Developed Figure

Thehero images drawn on toys or in comics before and during the 2 worldwars became the admiration of people, and made them forget theweakness of the actual bodies. Whenever time changes, human beingshave got technical innovations, at the same time, unprecedentedaccidents have happened. Accordingly, people have created newcolossus and virtual images to quiet or vanquish their fears. Forexample, huge statues of Buddha or Godzilla in movie or Atom (AstroBoy, American title) in animation were created in Japan. Regardlessof being in the present or the past, people have been charmed byalmightiness of the characters represented in animation or video gameworlds, and are indulged in the fancy of virtual images. On the otherhand, the real world is full of influential elements, such asgravity, temperature, and oxidation, etc. surrounding everythingwithout exception. And they have disintegrated the state ofperfection of everything ,even metals, in the real world. I took outthe fictionally represented robot into the realworld and emphasized the imperfection of its colossus/virtual image.