in the Case of Strawberry Jelly


I compare Jelly to flesh-and-blood to observe the blast the Jelly will receive.Of course, jelly is food, and more familiar than flesh-and-blood represented
with polygons in video games. Moreover, by doing so, it is easy for us to feel the reality of change of the phenomenon. I would like to ask the meaning
of exploding by exploding the flesh-and-blood replaced with jelly and showing the circumstances.

While in actual conflicts, there are so many people who is going to be killed by bombing or shooting, there are so many persons who enjoy war games.
Since the recent war games with the simulation function in 3DCG, they give us illusions of virtual reality. Powerful explosions, people's screams, etc.
Serve as effects to make the scenes alive.However, on the other hand, such as brutality of wars or sights of misery people suffered are excluded.