Beautiful Smile

video 9 min

  • Yoshiko: Marissa
  • Director: Imizu Hiroshi
  • Costume: RITENUTObytac
  • Hairstyle: RITSU Make-up: Suzuki Mariko
  • Camera: Inoue Daisuke
  • Music: Hisae
  • Translation: Nicole Wang, Penguin Translation

A woman is smiling at us, wearing certain types of garment. This video starts from the preparation stage for an actual shooting of the actor giving smile with complicated emotions behind. It is not clear if her smile is spontaneous or compulsory as an actor. The background of the story is kept unrevealed while beautiful smile of the charming character causes simultaneous occurrence of the loss and pseudo-formation of identity, which as a result obscure rather intolerable, unpleasant situation.